Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mean Mommy

A friend of mine asked me a while back if Declan ever cried. Of course he does, he's a baby! And, I have to say, his cuteness is quite intensified when he cries. Seriously, THE cutest faces. Wanna see? And this would be where the Mean Mommy comes in to play.....
See, even his shirt agrees! :)
Funny thing, a lot of the time, when I would get the camera, he would stop crying. This shot was taken about 5 seconds after the last one. Makes me feel just a little less mean.
"Ok mom, what are you doing?"
"Oh wait, I'm cool!"
"No wait...."
"......I'm not."
Mean Mommy 2: Grandma Edition.
Even my mom got involved. The night before we moved she came over to help watch D while we worked, and I had left my camera with her. These were the beauties she got. At least you know where I get it from. :)
Like I would leave you with a sad Declan! :)

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geetabean said...

I don't think it's mean.....I bet he'll enjoy seeing them when he's 30, and teasing you about what a mean mommy you were lol. But this is also coming from the Mama who recently posted melt down pictures from her toddler. It's good for them....healthy even. Haha.