Sunday, June 21, 2009


Waaaaaaaaay back in April, 11 days before Ruby was born, us 3 Gills had an impromptu picnic with the (Danny) Allans. I, of course, brought the nice fancy camera along (thanks Jake) to get some maternity shots of Grace. However, Hopie became the main subject of the shoot (with Declan a close second....sorry Grace!)

I'm not the best at posing people, I have ideas in my head prior to actually being behind the camera, but once I'm there, my ideas kinda fly out. So the candid shots usually come out more.....not that I have a problem with that! So here's what I got...Grace did make it into some, you'll see! :)

Hopie, sending out the vibe.

Yes. That's my brother.

This was supposed to be candid....but Danny had other ideas.

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