Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Confession time: I'm obsessed with a sleeping Declan. He's just so sweet and cute and funny! Well, the funny has come later in life for him, but he's always been sweet and cute! :) My favorite part of him are his palms. They're warm and soft....I love it!!! I'm also constantly checking on him at night after he goes to bed, just looking at him, making sure he's breathing. And if I hear the slightest noise that sounds off, I'm up and running to him....like he's still a newborn! I know I'm not alone with this, right Trevor?! Right! :)

So about this funny business.....Dec really gets into some silly positions when he's asleep. Well, I think they're silly! :) And I end up taking a thousand pictures and posting them here....um, I mean 37 pictures. (Yes, there are that many here. Is that too many? Not for me! I love pictures!!) Here is my catalogue of Sleeping Declan Pictures! I'll start with the classic ones from his younger days.

One day old!

2 weeks old....
This one makes me think of Gizmo, the Mogwai. It's like Dec's saying "Bright light, bright light!"

3 weeks old
"I'm too sexy for my crib"

4 weeks
This is what I was talking about: so sweet and cute!

almost 6 weeks old
This is his Great Grandma Spice look! :)

6 weeks old

7 weeks old
Put your hands where I can see them!

Snuggle time with Daddy

almost 11 weeks old
And he's found his thumb!

4 months old
There goes the Mogwai thing again...

5 months old
This was the first time Jake let me borrow his nice, fancy camera, and these were in that first shoot I did.....which I haven't blogged....yet. :)

still 5 months old
Oh, you know it!
He looks like he's doing a jig, or clicking his heels like a Leprechaun.

7 months old
He started rolling onto his stomach about this time....really freaked me out! I have video of it too, we tried turning him onto his back, but to no avail....he would just flip back. It was actually really funny!

10 1/2 months old

I just thought his body position looked so funny here....

And when I looked away to see the last picture on the camera, and then looked back at him, he looked like this:

15 months old
This really scared me and made me laugh at the same time! How ridiculous is this kid!

I did move him, so he wouldn't break his leg trying to turn in his sleep, but a couple weeks later, it happened again...

And this is what happened when I moved him...back to the safety position!

After that, he just liked sticking his feet out of the crib....I couldn't stop him!

After lunch one day, he asked to watch Signing Times before going down for a nap. I obliged, sat him down in his chair, and went about cleaning up after lunch. When I went to get him for his nap, I found him like this. Poor guy was tuckered out!

Here is a series with his bear. Bear ends up in the oddest of places! Awesome!
As a pillow...

As a blanket...

As a shield...

As a body pillow...

As just something to cuddle...
And as an airbag.
This was on the way home from Disneyland for my birthday. How adorable is this kid!
He made this pose a lot in his ultrasound pictures, which was quite fitting: his name means "Man of Prayer"

On the plane ride to Texas in November....a blog you will see hopefully soon!

So thanks for sticking through all those pictures. I hope you enjoyed them as I much as I do!! Thank you and Goodnight! :)


annaprick said...

I hear you, I love watching the girls sleep. They look like dolls. He's such a cutie!

geetabean said...

What cute pictures! I wouldn't dare take pictures of my children sleeping.....if they woke up (which they probably would) I would kick myself!! One night I found Maddie halfway under her bed with her legs sticking out! Weirdo.

By the way, I wanted to say congratulations on your baby girl! I am super excited for you. I can't tell you whether girls are more fun than boys.....since I don't have first hand experience with boys, but girls ARE a lot more fun to dress!! :o) Congrats!

Bri said...

I love this post! It is awesome. :)