Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Months 4 and 5

Ok, really? This girl is 5 months old already? When did that happen?! I'm buying 6-9 month clothes for her already! This is just crazy. She is really getting big and her personality is totally starting to shine through. I have been saying her whole life that she is Declan 2.0. She has been working to change that. :) Declan was super smiley and friendly to every and anyone who held him. Abigail is wary and reserved whenever she meets new people. However, whenever I mentioned to Trev that maybe she's just not as happy a baby as D was, it was like she wanted to prove me wrong and would smile and flirt with whoever was in front of her. I have noticed that she is doing things a little later than Declan (sitting up, rolling over back to front) but I also think that's typical of a second baby, they just don't get the one on one focus the first/only baby gets. I really try not to compare them developing-wise, but it's kinda hard not to.

At her 4 month check up she was 14 lbs 2 oz. She is 50th percentile across the board. Fine with me, I don't need an overachiever. :) She also did something very different from Declan: she did not react well to the vaccines. Not a terrible reaction that will keep us from giving them to her, but definitely not something we were used to. Dec was always fine. Of course he would cry, but no fever and was chipper and happy the days after. Abby fevered for a couple days, had a red bump at one of the injection sites, and she just wasn't herself for about 4 days. It was weird, and I was not a fan. With D, we gave him Tylenol before his shots, but the nurse at this new (and now old) doc said the Tylenol would dilute the vaccines if we used it....or something like that. So we didn't. thinks we'll go back to the Tylenol for her 6 month shots. My bro, the nurse, said not using Tylenol is dumb. I trust my brother thankyouverymuch. Ugh doctors.

Why is the doc now old, you may ask? We have not had much luck with pediatricians. Nothing life threatening, but we've never felt 100% comfortable with any of them. There was the first one that D had that would just talk and talk and talk and talk, and you really couldn't get a word in. Then we switched to the doc D had for the next 2 years. Who never said his name right. She wasn't so bad so we dealt with the lack of connection, but when Abs came along, I just felt it was time to find another doc. I blindly switched to a new doc, who we saw at 4 months, and who basically called me a liar. Well, that's a bit dramatic, but close. I told her D teethed for 2 months before anything showed up. She said "that doesn't make sense" and proceeded to tell me why that "couldn't have happened." Hmm. Needless to say we did not bond with this doctor. I then asked friends for their pediatrician's names. 3 friends LOVED their docs. Those 3 docs were all full, not accepting new patients. Boo. Finally, another friend suggested hers, and she was available. To be continued on how that goes.....I am hopeful!

She's still sleeping good, with only the rare early morning wake-ups. We finally weaned out of the Miracle Blanket....which is good, it's only sized for up to 4 months! I've tried rice cereal with her a couple times, but she just doesn't seem into it. She's closing in on 6 months so hopefully she'll be more open to it soon....

Declan LOVES his little sister! And she loves him right back! I used to say no one could make her laugh like her daddy can, but now it's her brother that she finds the funniest! And her basic laugh is kind of a squeal so it's really cute when the deep belly laugh comes out and you know she finds something REALLY funny! Seriously though, Declan has pretty much shown no jealousy. He sometimes wants to be held when we're holding her, but generally he shares us really well. I'm so proud of my big boy for loving his sister so much!

Our Summer sicklies have stuck with us into Fall a bit, and Abby seems to like the sound of her voice all croaky and crackly. If she's a singer, she may have one of those raspy voices. I'm ok with that too as long as it's Norah Jones style and not Macy Gray!

So I didn't take many pictures with my smaller camera this time, apparently only 5. But I've taken A LOT with my fancy camera. Those need to be edited, so a fancy camera blog should be coming in the future. For now, this is what you get! :)

Another D vs Abs difference: the swing was MAGIC with D. It was the go-to place for him to calm down, and usually sleep. With Abs....not so much. But here she is, sitting patiently in the swing. Sweet girl.

Computer time with Daddy.

Most mom's understand this: Abby comes to the bathroom with me. A: I can't leave her alone out front with Dec. B. She's not happy when I'm not in the room to entertain her. This time, I was showering. I could see that she was getting fussy, but I hadn't strapped her in because she didn't move much yet. I was ready to jump out and get her before she wriggled out of the chair, but she fell asleep before it really became a problem. This is the final position she got to. And yes, after this, she gets buckled in EVERY TIME.

Daddy with his babies.

See not much.....believe you me though, I got LOTS of fancy camera pics!

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geetabean said...

She is so cute! and isn't it amazing how different they can be? Maddie and Charlotte are as different as night and day. What will Eleanor be like?!? Looking forward to seeing your fancy pictures!