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Well faithful followers, I'm sure you've noticed I have not blogged in awhile. :( Almost 9 months to be exact. I sure wanted to, but a nice blend of laziness and busyness has made blogging not happen. I think another big factor was when I got my iPhone, I started doing EVERYTHING with it. Taking pictures. Checking facebook. Posting said pictures immediately to facebook. I've always thought it was really redundant to post pictures here and FB, pretty much everyone who follows me here is a friend on FB too. So poor AiM (Adventures in Mommyhood) got put on the back burner. I'd love to start up again, but I seem to have many other things to do than sit and blog, and I can't commit to making it a priority. MANY other things are more important.....and I'm already putting less important things ahead of them. :)

Like I said, I think all my readers are on FB too, but for any that are not and want a family update, here goes:

Dec is 3 and feisty. Our friend Jake described him like this: "Declan is like lightening in a bottle, if the lightening blew up the bottle and then drank Red Bull made from Double Red Bull." It's so true. His body must manufacture sugar in the raw and then pump it through his veins. Though it can be crazy and frustrating at times, it's better than a boring, docile kid right? :) He's taking some fun little classes through the city this fall, and I can't wait! I was hoping to start him in Preschool, but I was a bit slow in getting that going. However, I think these classes will be a wonderful start for him and a good indication if he's actually ready for Preschool. We totally should have been doing these kind of classes for awhile now.........well, better late than never! :) His first one is actually one for him and Abby, it's more like just a fun messy time playing with crafty sticky stuff. I can't wait to do this with both of them! By then end of Fall, I'm hoping to get him in a couple of mini-Preschool classes. We're pretty much slowly easing into the whole school thing.....

Dec will also be doing sports classes with Dad on Saturdays!! The first set is an introduction to a bunch of different sports, but the second set........HALF PINT SOCCER!!! I could not be more excited for this. And if I'm excited, imagine what Trevor is feeling! :) Dec seems to be right hand dominant, but when he kicks it's ALWAYS with his left foot. I'm excited to see if that continues when he plays with other kids. Fun times!

Abby, at 14.5 months, is growing like a weed. It took her a little longer to start walking (than D) but once she was confident on her feet, she practically started running!! Just the other day it occurred to me that she was toddling. Which means she is a full on toddler!! My little baby girl. They do grow up so fast! She has TWELVE teeth, including four molars! She is a MUCH better eater than Dec, even compared to him now. She is always coming up to us while we're eating, with her mouth wide open and saying "AHHHH", hoping we'll give her some of what we have. Even if she's just finished eating her whole meal. I'm so not used to this after having super picky D, but it's certainly nice to have a better eater for a change!

This girl can DANCE! Any music comes on, even Declan singing to himself, and her shoulders start shrugging, her hips start swaying, and her arms go up in the air! It's hilarious! I wanted to sign her up for a ballet class that was 14 months and up, but she's probably not ready for that just yet. Trevor convinced me it would be a really expensive picture taking opportunity and that's about it. He's totally right! But come spring, I'll for sure sign her up!!

Abs is SUPER friendly too! She will wave and say hi to A N Y O N E she sees. Just like her brother before her (and even still for him) she is the Grand Marshall of her own parade! "Hi" was one of the first words she said clearly, followed by "thank you". Not much is cuter than a little one year old saying thank you! I love that she is smiling so much now. When she was a baby, we were always getting comments like "why does she frown so much??" My answer would vary depending on how well I knew the person who was asking. ;) Anyway, she's a big smiler now, and that's what matters! :)

The two of them still really love each other! Sure there are squabbles over toys, and he likes to sit on her from time to time, but mostly they are thrilled with each others presence! To hear them laughing together is one of life's biggest joys! My prayer is that they remain close.....forever!

Trevor's work is going really well. He was promoted to manager at the end of last year, and now he's busier than ever. But it's all for the love of his family and I couldn't be more proud of the successful man he continues to be! His hard work allows me to be home with the kids and that means the world to me. I'm lucky to have such a smart and patient husband! (Aww, mushy mushy)

Up until June, Trevor played on an indoor soccer league, and he loved it.....until.....he sprained his ankle R E A L L Y bad. :( It's not been the same since, but we're hoping for full healing so he can get back on the team and play again! I'm hoping I can convince him to run a half marathon with me next year.....

A half marathon you say?? Yes, it's time this mommy got back in shape! I kinda feel like I've been on the verge of letting myself go, and I CANNOT let that happen! With many friends and family who also run, I have this crazy goal of running FOUR half marathons next year. Each one I will have a running buddy.....except for one. I'm hoping Trevor will step up and fill that missing buddy spot! :) Though I've said many times "training starts tomorrow!!" I've yet to actually live up to those words. I know, I'm all talk. ;) I finally registered for the first one (Surf City, Feb. 5th) the other day, so here's hoping I'll actually follow through with of these days.... I'll keep you posted. ;)

Sewing is another love for me these days. That and crafting. My big problem is follow through though. (I'm sensing a pattern here.....) Thank goodness the majority of my projects are meant to be gifts, so they eventually get done......even if it's not really on time for their birthday, baby shower, what have you. One of these days, I'll post pictures of all the things I've made the last couple of years I've been at this. Burp cloths, blankets and bags are my forte, but I have made a skirt, and it was very well received! :)

What I should be spending the majority of my time on is my wedding hair business. I've done a handful of weddings this year, but I'm always hoping for more. I've got a great network of wedding vendors, especially photographers, and they have been HUGE in getting me work this year. I am certainly thankful! When I finally get that website up and running, I'll let you all know! :)

Well peeps, that was a lot more than I intended on typing, but I'm not surprised. I'm good with the word vomit. I have high hopes for the life of this blog, but I'm hoping for bigger and better. I'd love to get a domain name or two and spice this joint up a bit. Though that will mean a move away from blogger......sorry Google. :) In all honestly, I doubt I'll blog again anytime soon, but my hope is in the new year, it will be different. It's probably a little early for resolutions, but that will certainly be one of mine, for sure!

Because 9 months of pictures would be crazy to upload, let me just suggest, if you're not on facebook already, get on there, friend me, and then you can see my beautiful babes. Let's face it, theirs are the faces you really want to see! ;) To hold you off, here are a couple of photo shoots we had this year with two of my favorite photographers, Jake and Melissa:

Valentines Day pics with Jake (and here's Halloween from 2010, cause it's just too cute!)

Abby's one year, Dec's 3 year, and family pics with Melissa. I know some of the most talented people in the world!!! :)

Until next time......see you on FB. :)

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