Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today, my brothers turned 32. Not so much a significant birthday, but two very significant men. Twin boys born a minute and a half apart, fraternal in every way. A righty and a lefty. A blonde and a brunette. Husbands and fathers of two. One an OC Sheriffs Deputy, the other a Nurse (studying to get his Masters in Nursing). Both have a beautiful wife that have been a wonderful sister to me. They have given me gorgeous nieces (maybe a nephew?) The past 28 years that I have known them have been wonderful and trying, but what I know now is that they love me, without obligation, and they respect me, as their sister and as an adult. I have ALWAYS been so proud to be their sister, and I ALWAYS will be. Happy Birthday, Chris and Danny!
(That's the best picture I have of them right now, it was from June 2007, and they had just finished the San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon.)


geetabean said...

Sweet. Happy birthday brothers!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute, Becky! Looking back on all three of you growing up, I looked forward to the day when you would all realize what wonderful people each one of you are. You are all three incredible adults, and Dad and I couldn't be more proud! Thanks for putting your love for your brothers into words - it's a great gift. Love, Mom

Mel said...

Wanna come out and play?

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