Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tagged again....

I've been tagged yet again, this time by my (newly engaged!) friend Mel. This time, I must tell you 6 random facts about myself. I am a pretty random person, so this should be easy......should......

1. I have the memory of an elephant when it comes to random, useless facts and events that have happened to me, and/or other people. My friends don't doubt me when I say what they wore when, and what happened on a certain show or whatever. On the other hand....if it's something important, I won't remember! This is completely frustrating to my husband.

2. I apparently know most, if not all, of the words to "If I only had a Heart" that the Tin Man sings in the Wizard of Oz. A little bit of the dance too! I didn't know this until I was watching it with my mom recently, and she kept looking at me as I sang along, asking me "How do you know this?" I don't know. I'm not a huge fan that watches it all the time.....must be that memory thing...... :)

3. I LOVE British Chick Lit books! I've read so many that I pretty much know the formula of how they are written, what will happen, and who the heroin will end up with.....but I still love it!

4. I am really proud of my driving skills. I can back into a parking spot like a pro, without turning my head, just using my mirrors. Yeah, I know. I'm awesome. :)

5. I have had over 20 jobs....I think 23 exactly. 18 employers. One year, I had 6 W2's to file in one year. :) I have been a butcher (hairdresser) a baker (Cookies By Design) and a candlestick seller (Partylite). And so much more.....

6. Despite my claims at having an awesome memory and "I'm so random this should be easy"........I can't think of a 6th thing. I'm sure there are 7, 8, 9, 20 and so on, but none of them are coming to me. A day later, after I started this blog, and I can't think of anything. Everything I come up with seems too normal: I'm an annoyingly picky eater, I cry a lot watching Animal Cops, sometimes my perfectionism with writing texts is almost OCD-like. OH, theres a good one! I don't know why, but I have to have perfect grammar and spelling when I text. I am trying to break free of those chains, but until I do.....be prepared to wait several minutes for my response to your text! :)

Ok, there we have it. I tag anyone who reads this and has not done this already. It's kinda fun and neat to learn kooky things about your friends!

Alright, I WILL post at least one new picture of Declan by the end of this year. I would promise more, but.......resolutions aren't necessary until Thursday! :)

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