Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lindley Visit

Back in January, Dawn and Fam came to visit. It was a REALLY fun week hanging out with them and having the whole family together. We had a few dinners and game nights, and a day (the WHOLE day) at Disneyland. It really is a bummer that we don't live closer to each other. :(

A picture of all the Gill grandchildren:
Luke, Jack, Avery, Declan, Ethan, and Bella

The Lindley Crew
So our original plan was to go to Disneyland on Thursday. Then the weatherman told us that there was a 90% chance of rain on Thursday. So we changed our plans to go Friday. Thursday was practically sunny the whole day. A perfect day to go to Disneyland. Friday was one of the rainiest days this year. We bought ponchos and used one to cover our stroller. Here's Declan in his little tent....he didn't mind at all! :) And we considered suing the weatherman.

On our last day with the Lindley's we joined them and the Espinoza's at Chuck E Cheese's.

Declan was excited to meet Auntie Dawn! :)

How sad that Declan has unsightly blemishes at such a young age....

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Mel said...

That first photo with all the striped children is the cutest thing! Did you take that? Oh man, and I LOVE the names Avery and Ethan. Bella is cute too. I love all the baby names people are digging up right now. Don't tell anyone, but I have my mind set on Amelia one day : )