Tuesday, May 19, 2009

6 Needles and One Bad Mommy

You know how I'm always so excited to get Declan's new stats at each doctor's appt? And how I take forever to tell you so I can build it up and it's so much fun right?! Well.....I don't want to tell you now. :( This new mommy (yes, I'm still new.....new to having a one year old thankyouverymuch.) made a mistake. And my poor dude paid the price. Ok, now I'm being a bit dramatic about it, but I really do feel bad.....and let down. I LOVE to see how much Declan has grown at each appt, but this one failed me and it's all my fault.
So what did I do? I stopped breastfeeding at his 2:00 feeding and gave him cheese or bananas, Cheerios and water for a snack instead. I stopped breastfeeding at his 11:00 lunch feeding and gave him more vegetables instead. I stopped breastfeeding at his 5:00 dinner feeding and gave him more fruit instead. Do you notice what's missing? MILK!!! I didn't give him milk or formula at any of these feedings. I knew he needed more food, but I thought he just needed more solids. I had a feeling that I was missing something, and I had meant to ask the doctor about it at D's appt. Well, it was addressed before I could ask.....cause Dec only weighs 20 lbs. That's the 10th percentile. He's been at least in the 25th or higher is whole life. He literally lost weight. He was 19 lbs 9.9 oz at 9 months, and then in April when we had the bump, he was 21.6 or something when we weighed him at the doctor. Doh!
So now that he's one, he can have whole milk and believe me, he gets it all day! I'm still breastfeeding in the morning....I'm not sure when that will end, but I am sure my boobs won't be able to keep up with it for too much longer. Then at lunch and dinner, he gets 4 oz of milk along with the solids, and then 6 oz before bed. The doc said he should get 16-20 oz a day of milk, so about 18 should be good yeah? (He'll get the 4 at breakfast when the breastfeeding officially stops.) What a pain this is! Feed your child enough, but watch out for obesity! Man!
In case you're curious, he's 31 inches tall too. I have no idea his percentile's on height and head, we were too busy figuring out his weight issue. He was weighed twice on two different scales just to be sure it wasn't a fluke.
Oh.....the shots.......I truly believe in vaccines and think all children should get them but, REALLY, can there be another way to give them?!? He had one shot in each leg, 2 in his arm (could have been both, but I thought only one sore arm was needed) and then a TB test in the same arm (an un-named family member once had a positive TB test MANY years ago, but to be safe the doc wanted to check D. I've already been back to check the spot on his arm and he's cleared.....of course. :) ) AND THEN he had to have blood drawn.....from the SAME ARM!!! Poor guy! Though he was NOT happy during the shots and the blood draw, he recovered SOOOOOO well and fast! Done crying before we were at the door and smiling and waving by the time we were at the car. And then only a slight fever and soreness on his legs that night. My good boy!! He actually had a harder time taking the band aides off!!
As always, I'll leave you with some fun pictures. I think the real Adventures that my blog name suggests are just beginning! :) They say the first thing to go with aging is your sight. Apparently Declan is already losing his:
Can you find him? :)

"Here I am!"

Sometimes he doesn't like to go to sleep right away for naps, gets a little bored, and sees what he can do/reach from the confines of his crib....
What it's supposed to look like:
(the speakers are boxes that unfold and flatten out)
What I found:
(where did the other speaker go? And the iPod?)
In the crib?! Crazy....wait, where's the iPod??
(it was on the floor....I didn't take a picture...I didn't think I needed to...)

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Jake said...

I was amazed at how tall he was yesterday, especially when he was standing in the sink!