Sunday, September 27, 2009

Declan's Bad Week

About a month ago, Declan had a really bad week. In one day alone he hit his head, was bit by the cat, pinched his finger in a tight space, scraped his knee, and ran face first into the table scraping his nose. Other injuries of the week also included hitting his head, altercations with the cat, and various body parts being scraped. Seriously, this kid has a magnet in his forehead and it draws him to any hard surface with great velocity. Observe:

Declan meets a door frame.

He heals.
(And is quite adorable in the process I must say. :)

He falls again, meeting tile this time, and then a little later, brings a high chair tray down on his head....of course in the same spot.

The healing process takes a little longer this time.....and puts on a show while it's at it. Check out how DARK that bruise is!

Just when we think it's gone and his forehead is clear again....he trips and just barely skins his head on the door. Oh yes, in the same spot.

Here's a shot of his nose. I was sitting on the couch with him, and I set him down to walk to Daddy. He takes off running, straight to the table, which he must not have been really looking at because he just ran right into it, face first. It was the weirdest thing....
I didn't get many shots of the other injuries, they weren't as photogenic. There are 3 possible reasons for all this bodily harm: 1. My kid is really clumsy! But hey, he's only 1, what do you expect?! 2. He's a boy, and that's what boys do. Hmm. 3. I'm a lousy parent. I don't like that one....scratch that! There are 2 reasons for all this bodily harm... :)
On a side note, I actually started writing this on the 5th of this month, and it originally began "Last week was a bad week for Declan...." That would have sounded waaaaaaay better than "A month ago....yadda yadda yadda." I really do intend to blog more. I have SO MANY pictures of D I want to post, going back as far as 10 months when my grandparents visited and he was super cute and learning to walk. (Perhaps this post suggests he's still learning?) You will see those pictures I promise....look for a "Vintage Declan"'s coming! :)


geetabean said...

Hooray, you blogged!!! Poor Declan though. It does seem as though kiddos get hurt in the same place over and over, but I don't think I've seen it happen that many times lol! I actually believe that kids get super clumsy like that when they are going through a growth spurt. Their body is changing and it throws off their balance causing them to run into things, or miss step and fall because even a change of an inch of height can make a difference in body autonomy. Maddie was very cyclical with the accidents and it really made me think that she must have been going through a growth spurt. So, at least he's not destined to be clumsy for life (like me....I still run into walls sometimes!) Bring on the blogs, I'm ready!!

Jake said... many times does your kid have to suffer brain damage before you put a cute little helmet on him?

Bri said...

Awww... poor little buddy! You are not a bad parent. Don't let that crap creep in. :)

katie said...

Caleb had weeks like this off and on from age 1-2. Then it seemed like his legs finally worked and now he only falls like every other day.

You're not a bad parent, he's just 100% boy!!!