Friday, September 4, 2009

Vacation Extras

Here are some extras from our vacation....that was already a month ago! Wow.....and bummer. Here is Declan on that suspension bridge. It may sound like he's not having fun, but he really was. You'll see at the end, he keeps "jumping". :)

Gemma one liners:
(in reference to the family reunion we were attending the next day) "Will there be milk at this party?"

(while walking kinda funny) Chris: "What's wrong Gemma?" Gemma: "I don't know what to do with my stinky butt."
Hope had some good quotes too ("Hopie more Tylenol?", "Hopie's colors?", "Hopie more penguins?") But it's just not the same without the voice and head tilt. :)
Places that put Declan to sleep:

Pier 39

(I know he's not asleep in this picture, but as you can see, he is headed that way, and about 5 minutes after this picture was taken.....he was.)

The Trolley
(This was after we had gotten off the Trolley, walked a couple blocks, took an elevator ride and sat down. He stayed asleep for the whole process.)

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Monterey Bay Aquarium

And a funny story to top it off: In San Fransisco, as we were walking down a street heading for the Trolley, we started to hear sirens. We had no clue where they were coming from, but it became pretty apparent they were headed in our direction. It wasn't too big a deal because all the kids were awake......except Hope. She was in the stroller happily in lala-land as the sirens grew louder and more ear-piercing. A few of us then noticed an open door leading into the back hallway of a building. Figuring she could be pushed in there and kept away from the noise, we encouraged Danny to do so. He immediately came running there was smoke in the hallway, thus being the location of where the fire engines were headed!! There was no chance of being scared of the situation because we were all laughing so hard!! Hey, let's keep Hopie asleep by taking her into the fire!! :) (Side note for Grandmas: There were no flames in the hallway, and it wasn't billowing smoke, just hazy. There, now you can worry less for your grandchildren's safety!)


geetabean said...

Too cute! Gemma sounds like an entertaining little girl! :) I think her and Maddie would hit it off......Mads told me the other day, "Mama, I want to have bigger breasts!" while sticking her chest out. Kids are so funny!apersee

geetabean said...

Ignore the apersee....that was the word verification.....apparently I did not have my cursor in the right box.