Saturday, January 9, 2010

Handmade Christmas

Last year for Christmas I got a sewing machine. I had been wanting one for years, even though it had been about 17 years since 7th grade Home Ec....the last time I had really used a sewing machine. But I was being inspired to sew from Grace and my friend Adrieanna, and a machine was needed to do so. Thankfully my parents had one that had been bought with the best of intentions, but rarely used. So I would become the new lucky owner!

Since then I have done 2 big projects that require their own blog post each, and MANY little projects. Sadly, I have yet to do anything for me really, but that's ok, I love seeing my stuff being enjoyed by others. Which leads me to Christmas...

Adrieanna, my quilting mentor, introduced me to a book that has become my sewing bible. It's called Denyse Schmidt Quilts and it's by, surprisingly, Denyse Schmidt. :) (The link is just to her website, the book is on there somewhere.) In it there are 20 small-ish projects and 10 quilts. From those 20 projects, I was make Christmas presents! I was able to pick projects for all the females (sans Mom, I want to make her something big and I'll need LOTS more time. Oh don't be surprised mom, you know it's coming....eventually!), the brothers and baby Jack on the Allan side. Ethan, Jack Lindley, and Luke got big boy presents. :)

So here is what I made, pictures and all. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of some....I didn't quite finish them all in time, in fact I still have a couple yet to complete. When I am COMPLETELY done, and have all the rest photographed, I will update and let you know. Because I know you are DYING to see it all. ;)

For Bella: A purse and coin purse
Zigzag Bag and Zigzag Zip
It's named after the original design which I changed up a bit, along with adding lining to both bags.

For Jack Allan: flannel blocks
This project doesn't have a name because it didn't come from the book, I kinda did it on my own (by peeking at another one of Adrieanna's sewing books!)

For Gemma, Hope, and Ruby: stuffed animal cats
Three Faces of Steve
I actually made 3 of these, for all 3 girls of course, but with different fabrics. Poor Ruby got the wonky looking one, but I figured she wouldn't mind as much! :) I only have a picture of this one, which doesn't even have the tail attached, but you get the idea!

For Grace: an apron
Shimmy, Shake, and Bake Apron
I felt kinda bad making an apron for Grace. I didn't want to seem like I was saying "get in the kitchen, woman!" But I felt that she would really appreciate it, and she did! She said it's what she's been needing! You can see in the second pic, the front pattern is actually a pocket.

The un-photographed:
For Avery: a scarf and a muff
Scrap Wrap and A Muff is A Muff
I didn't think about it when I was making it, but the pattern is meant for making an adult size scarf and muff. So they turned out a little big....but they are still really cute! (You'll see!)
For Dawn: a closet sachet
Closet Case Sachet
Do you know how hard it is to find cedar chips?! Ridiculously. So when I couldn't find them, I adjusted the pattern and added Velcro. Now Dawn can choose the scents she likes and replace them at her leisure. I'd say that worked out for the best! :)
For Jason, Hugo, Chris, and Danny: juggling blocks
Cares in the Air Juggling Blocks
Dried lentils were A LOT easier to find! :) I know my brothers juggle, but I don't know about Jason and Hugo. If they have ever wanted to's their chance!
For Danica: an eye pillow
Eye Will Revive Eye Pillow
Danica suffers from migraines more often than she, or anyone, should. I figured this would be perfect for her. Now I just need to find Buckwheat hulls.....
For Larissa: a scarf
Scrap Wrap
The first time I saw the picture of this scarf project I thought of her. And I was thrilled to be able to pick out the fabric, hoping to find patterns that she would love. And I hope she does....cause I do! :)

Early in December, I was telling Grace and Larissa about all my handmade Christmas presents, and we all decided that we would all make handmade gifts. I was totally on board cause I had everything planned out. (By the way...planning it all out doesn't matter as much if you don't follow through with the plan. You would think after almost 30 years on this earth I would know this by now.) But I was nervous for the girls cause they both have 2 kids, and waaaaay less time than me to make something. Well, I shouldn't have been because they both pulled through....FANTASTICALLY! Larissa gave a pre-mixed soup of fresh ingredients (just needs to be cooked and enjoyed!), burned CD's, hand written Bible Verse flash cards, crafted photo-magnet frames, and for us ladies, she went to a place where you pick the scents and they make a perfume. And Grace made a photobook, one for each family, of the cousins in 2009. I am IN LOVE with that photobook! Both girls, in their own way, handmade the Christmas presents! Such creative girls! :)


Melissa said...

That sounds so amazing!!! I love the idea of thoughtful, handmade gifts. All of your projects look so cute! GOOD JOB! Maybe I'll be coming to you one day for some sewing advice. Or perhaps a lesson on how to turn on a sewing machine ; )

I love that I have SUCH talented friends. Y'all never cease to amaze me.

katie said...

When I grow up, I want to be just like you. You're a great photographer, you can sew.... You're like the perfect woman. :)