Friday, October 1, 2010

Months Two and Three

Ok folks, are you ready for this? Abigail is 3 months old already! WHAT?! Yeah, that's right. In fact she is older than 3 months.....closing in on 3 point FIVE months! I can't believe it. While there are moments and days where it seems time is inching by, and I sit and daydream about being out of said moments and days, looking back I really can't believe that time has passed already. But isn't that always how it is? When you're in the moment and it's rough, it feels like eternity. But then all of a sudden, your little girl who Speedy Gonzales'd her way into this world has kept up her pace and is a 3 month old! (yeah, that's right, I turned a cartoon character into a verb.)

So here we are. I meant (as I always do) to blog at 2 months and give you the stats from her 2 month check up. We actually had the appt when she was 6 weeks old. For those who don't know, there's been a Pertussis outbreak/pandemic/epidemic (what have you) in So Cal, and because of this getting the pertussis vaccine asap is highly recommended. I got mine in the hospital. Dec has been getting his at all of his check ups so he was good. Trevor and Abby got theirs together. :) The......governing authority who decides when your kids are ok to get vaccines....declared that the 2 month vaccine could actually be given as early as 6 weeks. Hence. Really this pertussis thing is a big deal. There's even this RE-diculous commercial about getting the vaccine. But, I'll do what I can to protect my child.

The downside to this (because I'm crazy) is that I can't compare my kids easily......for this one period of time. I know it's soooo not a big deal, but......I'm crazy. :) I like to do that. It's not gonna make me worry or think either one is better, I just like the comparing. Whatever....I'm sure I'll survive! :) (I also like to make fun of myself. I think it's one of my more admirable attributes. ;) )

It's funny, when I look back at my posts for Dec, I've got all the stats: height, weight, head measurement, and the corresponding percentiles for D's numbers. I really only remember Abby's weight. Not even the percentile. Huh, my poor second child. Her blog posts are few and with less interesting info. Just random babble from mom. Two kids people. I've got TWO KIDS. 6 weeks old, Abby weighed 8lbs 8oz. She had such slow growth in her first month it was good to see a higher weight. Then at about 12 weeks, I had another lactation appt, and she weighed in at 11lbs exactly! WOOT! Big girl! Our next appt isn't for another month, but I'm excited to see where she's at. Perhaps I'll pay more attention and get more info for you. :)

Well, currently we are blessed again with a good sleeper.....mostly. She has been sleeping through the night (10 to at least 5 or 6) for a month now. And then when she wakes up, she can usually be rocked back to sleep for another hour or two. Or I'll cuddle her in bed.....which I used to be REALLY against. I still wish I didn't do it, for safety's sake. But some mornings I just can't handle standing and rocking when I know she'll fall asleep in our bed. I'm weak.

We attribute a lot of this good night sleeping to our use of Babywise and the Miracle Blanket. What's funny to me is that using the blanket goes against one of the "teachings" of Babywise (the use of a sleep prop). But that's what parenting is about: getting advice and finding a method that works, and using your judgement to determine what's best for your baby. While I'd like to wean the miracle blanket sooner rather than later, attempts to do so have brought on earlier wake times and grumpy parents. Not good.

Although the pics don't show it, this girl is a SMILER!!! Just last night, when she had her middle of the night wake-up, I started changing her diaper and she gave me the biggest smile. When I couldn't get her back to sleep and Trevor went to put her in the miracle blanket, she just beamed up at him and wiggled around in glee at seeing her daddy! As much as we loved it, we were also annoyed. A happy baby does not go back to sleep. :)

She is also a talker. From my memory, Declan was really quiet. But this girl likes to hear her voice! Perhaps she just wants to be heard over her VERY LOUD brother. Interestingly enough though, she is more reserved than Declan was. D was very sociable, would go to anyone really. But Abs isn't always on board with meeting people. I fear I will have a clingy one on my hands this time around. I'll try to enjoy it while I can before it gets to be too much! ;)

OK, on to what everyone cares most! These start right from where we left off with the last post....

Is she not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?!?!?! The baby, not the mom. Definitely NOT the mom.

SERIOUSLY, Declan's doppelganger!!

We had a bit of a sickie summer. At some point we all were sick, some of us (ME), several times. Here, the three of us had been napping on the couch. I had that little space behind Abby. My sweet sick children!

You know how newborns (and dads) are, they just sleep all the time! :)

Tummy time. Declan likes to join in.

Then mommy feels left out so she joins in the fun.

Abby's a diva, she wants the camera to herself.

She sits! Or rather....she props up!!

Can we say precious! This is SO going in her wedding video!

Abby turned 2 months on my cousin Claire's wedding day. Don't we all look pretty!

Just like daddy...

Bumbo time!


Oh the life of siblings.....

When Declan was 3 months old exactly, I took him to get his hand a feet ceramic'd:

And now it's tradition! :)

Being a 3 month old is tiring!!

I guess I didn't get a lot of pictures in her 3rd month. I also have the pictures from my fancy camera, but those get photo shopped, and who knows when I'll do that.....

P.S. Yes we still have Declan, as evidenced from his cameos in some pictures. I do have some pictures of just him that I'd like to post. Stay tuned for those as well. :)

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geetabean said...

I don't know how, but apparently I missed this post! I LOVE all the adorable pictures! I'm so glad that things are going so well for you....having two is hard work, but we all hit our stride at some point and it gets to feel like second nature. Keep posting're getting me excited for the arrival of our baby!