Sunday, May 11, 2008

Do I sit or do I stand?

Happy Mother's Day! And Happy Mother's-to-be day too! :) So at church this morning, the pastor (Randy) did his Mother's day routine and had all the mom's stand up, then the grandmas remain standing, and then the great grandmas, etc. (Yes mom, you are a great Grandma, but don't plan to have the title for AT LEAST 25 more years!) I knew this would be happening and I had debated whether I would stand or not, and I ended up not standing. I was a little sad, but it was ok, not the end of the world. However......Randy changed his routine this year. After he had the one slightly confused great-great-grandma sit down and before he continued he asked for one more group of people to stand: anyone who was expecting to be a mother any mintue now. I was the only one to stand. I felt so special.....and embarrassed, but special! It was really fun!

For those of you who haven't been able to see, here's what I currently look like:

This was last Wednesday, at 40 weeks exactly.....let's hope it's the last weekly picture. I've had a few Pregnancy photo-shoots, too, so I'll post those when I narrow them down. Ok, again, let's hope this is the last pre-baby blog! I may not have the best attitude if I write again! :)


Mel said...

Yay Mommy! I can't wait to meet the little one!

My name is Ali... said...

Hey girl, welcome to the blogging world! Congratulations on your mommyhood! That is so exciting, I'm looking forward to keeping in touch through the blog and following your adventures in mommyhood...congrats!!!

amandajenn said...

wow...look at that belly. you are so having a boy.

wkback said...

Hey I keep checking in to see if you've had him or not :) cant wait!! -Wendy