Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Due date?

Just wanted to let everyone know......I'm still pregnant! Yup, due date, schmoo date! I think I'm officially ready to be ready. I mean, to have the baby. My curiousity is getting the better of me and I REALLY want to know what this baby is already!!! Goodness. Ok, that's all I have to say today, just want to be done now. And yes I know that due dates are approximate, but they just kind of pumped me up that I would be early, and I never really thought I would make it to my due date, much less past it! But that's ok. When he/she is ready, then he/she will come. Right. So.......I'll keep waiting....I guess.



geetabean said...

You are right about due date schmoo date....they tend to come when they are ready! And most first timers are a little late rather than a little early. I know you're anxious, but just be patient and enjoy the time that you have sans baby.....go on a date with Trevor to a nice quiet restaurant because it may be the last time for a LONG time! You're in my prayers dear!

Bri said...

Oh bummer! I was totally thinking of you today! Maybe you'll have a really cool Mother's Day present! :) Hang in there. I love you! Way to be the pioneer out of our friend group! You go girl!

lalaallan said...

Baby needs some extra baking time!

They come out really cute with some extra fat on 'em!

Recommendations: Go to the new H & M at the Brea Mall and buy some summery dresses and skirts(cheap) and then go sit in the massage chairs at Brookstone(while drinking a large Orange Julius)!

love lala

The Looney Kids said...

hey a new blog to read :) Those last days are so hard...and I know that anticipation or boy or girl...but soon you won't even remember the uncomfortable-ness that is least not all of it :) Good Luck--we're praying for you!