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Christmas 2008

As you can see, Declan had a very fun first Christmas! I did not so much. The Sunday before, I started having some random back pain, I don't know what from but it was not good. By Monday morning, I could barely walk. I definitely could not hold Declan. :( My wonderful parents came over and spent the WHOLE day with me, taking care of D so I could rest and heal. Throughout the week it got better and worse, Boxing Day being THE worst. But, now I'm way better! Having Trevor home for two 4-day weekends in a row really helped.

Christmas Eve was spent at Gary and Nina's, with Danica and fam. Every year as Ethan gets older, it's more fun to watch him enjoy unwrapping his gifts, and then playing with them. Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without Crackers. Ethan wanted to pull all of them, this years were hard to pull though and he needed a bit of help! Good times!
The best we could get of all 3 with the presents
Dec getting a set of keys....and my weird face
Ethan and Bella opening a gift together
First of many new clothes
Ethan getting help with the Cracker
Us in our Cracker crowns!

Christmas morning, Declan and I got up like a normal morning about 7-ish, we had breakfast, played a little bit, and then I put him back down for his morning nap around 9.....and then went back to bed myself! We all slept until about 11 and then it was lunch time for D. He didn't even get to his presents until almost 12! Trevor and I didn't really plan how the morning would go, I was expecting us all to get up in the morning and open presents after breakfast. Guess I should have told Trevor that! :) Oh well, it's not like Declan was feeling the anticipation or even knew what was going on with the presents! Perhaps I should enjoy the "sleeping in" while I can! :) It was still so fun to help Declan unwrap his gifts from us, even though he was with us when we got them and will just put them in his mouth instead of actually playing with them. :) We got him some bathtime toys since he has graduated to the big bath tub, "Little People's Noah's Ark" and the extra animals that go with them (with the intent that he could chew on them for now and play with them later!), an interactive (and NOISY!) little game, and your classic Rock-a-Stack. Yeah for toys! We knew that he would get plenty of clothes from Grandparents...we were right! :)
Trevor's wrapping job...
My wrapping job....Trevor's the perfectionist, can you tell? :)
Our Christmas baby on Christmas morning
A blurry Declan with our tree
Opening his first gift, and apparently so excited to unwrap it!
Remember how I was saying he could pull himself up with help? Well when we weren't watching that morning, he pulled himself up all on his own! All of a sudden we look over and there he is, standing and staring at us, as though he was thinking: "Did you see that? Were you even watching?! Whatever."
Dec and Daddy on Christmas, afternoon

That afternoon we went to my parents for the big family get together. EVERYONE was there! My brothers and their families, all 3 of my Grandparents, 2 of my aunts...that's alotta people! My back was pretty bad that day, so I didn't get to hold Declan or open his presents....I did not like that. Not because I'm selfish and wanted to open his presents and pretend they were mine (oh, no, definitely not that....) but because I was across the room and couldn't pay attention to what was from who...or whom....or whatever! It's hard to thank people when you don't know what (or if) they gave you! Oh well....THANKS everyone who gave Declan stuff! :) I got a SEWING MACHINE!! I've been wanting one for years! Yeah!! Now all I have to do is learn to sew.....

What another treat it was to watch Gemma and Hope receive their gifts! Grandma is a SPOILER!! She got them a play-kitchen set to play with at her house, and each of them a mini couch/bed. Gemma got "Dora" and Hope got "Backyardigans". (Not to mention tons of clothes and toys for all 3 grandkids.) They LOVED them and as soon as they were given and until the kitchen was revealed, the girls only wanted to lay on their (or eachothers) beds! I kept waiting to see a "Cars" one for D...... ;) Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of this. :( Rest assured, it was adorable!
Santa Baby ready to pass out gifts!
We tried (unsuccessfully) to get a good picture with the babies and the Great-Grandparents:
Declan loves GG Sugar!
Devil Daddy showing Declan his knew Bongo Drums
I don't know why Trevor is making that face, but it's funny. That book must be Awesome!
Dec opening presents with Grandma
Dec and all his loot!

This year we gave portraits of the grandkids as gifts:

Gill side...

Allan side....

And Declan....

We had a fun New Years too. For the whole year leading up to New Years I think it's a lame holiday, and totally anti-climactic. But then in the last couple minutes I get all excited inside! Not that I show that to anyone.....gotta keep my bored game face! :) Anyway........our friends Colin and Sandra came over and we had pizza and ice cream and played board games. Totally my kind of night! Thank you, friends, for coming over to us so we could keep Declan's routine and bedtime the same.....glad we could help by moving closer to you! :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas as well and a safe New Years. I didn't get to sending out Christmas cards this year and I'm bummed about that, but I plan on sending "post Christmas" cards and then writing a Year-end letter and posting it here. Yeah, that's the plan. :)
And here's some more pictures, just for fun!
Watching the Simpsons. Colin and Sandra must be so proud! :)

What a face!

SOOOOOO adorable!

"Let's watch a movie!"

Declan practicing his ski jump pose in his sleep.

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WOWZA!! What a post. Looks like you guys had a great holiday season. Declan got a LOT of presents....lucky baby....lucky Mama!! lol How is him being in his own room going? Lemme know how getting settled is going. Love the pics....keep em' coming.