Friday, January 9, 2009


Dear Peaches,

Why do you hate me? All I want is to feed you to my son, and I get the feeling that you do not want me to do that. Is it because I had never really tried you myself and still said I didn't like you? Well, I did try you today, and you know're not that bad! And yet still, you fight me. You mock me with the fuzzy softness. But you're as tough as an apple, holding on to your skin and that pit for dear life. Even after being blanched, you still won't let go of that peel. When I try a new tactic, a potato peeler, you use your slippery-ness to make me look silly, slipping out of my hands and bouncing all around the sink. And trying to dice you with that pit you love so much, now that's a science. Well, I got the better of you! I steamed you well, and pureed the crap out of you! I have to say it was one of my best purees yet. AND Declan LOVED you! So you may try to make my life hard, and discourage me from making my own baby food, but I will not fold! I will only try harder! So just stop fighting me. Cause you will lose. You already have.

Becky, a now stronger person for defeating the peaches


The Kreitzer's said...

Thowing them against the wall in anger works too. :)

chantel said...

i know you don't know the peach very well. peaches and i are very well aquainted. two q's? hmmm...anyways you know what i mean. sounds to me like your little peachy just wasn't ripe. try again come summer time...mmmmm!!!!!!!

chantel said...

dang you need to update 'cause every time i check this i sing "millions of peaches peaches for me millions of peaches peaches for free"