Thursday, January 1, 2009


Remember this blog? When I wrote it, I made a claim that you would be seeing a new me. I believe I said soon. Well the current "new me" is about 5 pounds heavier. Crap. So, as most of the world is doing, I resolve to lose weight this year. I will leave it at that for now, as to not lock me into specifics. I do have goals and such, but I have this crazy notion that if I post them, I won't stick to them. So what I will do for you is post a picture and do the strangest thing a women would do and tell you my current weight. Gasp!! :)

Me, Jan. 1st, 2009. 169lbs

Yeah, I know, I look so happy! It's your typical "Before" weight loss picture!

What's spurs this on you ask? A combination of things. Who doesn't always have the thought in their mind that they need to lose weight? And I was at Old Navy yesterday and though I did not try on any pants, the ones I was wearing were a size 14, and there was some serious muffin top going on! (There's nothing like looking in a full length mirror trying on new clothes and not liking how they look because they showed the rolls!) And I've been wearing Grace's "transition" clothes (too long now) and she's gonna need them in a few months!'s the new year, a new start, perfect time to start documenting! :) Before I was pregnant I was hovering around the 150 mark. Already that was yuck. Then I gained about 40 pounds during pregnancy, which isn't bad, but a little more than I wanted. After having D, I had lost about 25 pounds, but then I have started gaining again. Eww. So now we're here.

Wanna hear something funny? I have the opposite problem of an anorexic girl. I think I'm smaller than I really am! In my head of course, I have a mirror and I'm not blind! :) So I'm always taking too small sizes to the fitting rooms and getting annoyed with my self when they don't fit. Ha! Silly me!

Ok, so I don't have a plan yet, but I do need to get one together. Since the move and the leaving of the salon (which I still haven't blogged about.....We moved to Irvine, and I am no longer at the salon....there, that's all you get...for now!) I've had more free time on my, well I will now that Christmas is over. The times I have been best at losing weight was when I had a SPECIFIC workout regimen (and when I've been a bridesmaid.....but now all my friends are married. I need some new single friends! :) So a schedule I will make. I said I wouldn't post goals, but here is what I would like to achieve: Weight: 140, pant and dress size: 8 (or smaller in some stores!), shirt size: Medium. That's reasonable yeah? Not too waif-ish? I don't know if my body at 140lbs would work a size 8....guess I'll need to tone and what not, too. And my nursing boobs will be hard to deal with, but that's only for about 5 more months if I'm lucky. I also took pictures of my post baby belly.....NOT pretty! I will not post, but if I am able to make a drastic change there, perhaps a before and after might be suitable.

Alright, so wish me luck. I know this is supposed to be a blog about motherhood, but hey, being a mom can do heinous crimes to your weight. And thus, this will definitely be an adventure!


Mel said...

Good luck Beck! I know the feeling well, and I don't have any babies. Oie! I'm still fine tuning my resolutions, but my big one is definitely the same thing. Need to get in better shape and drop some pounds. Haven't figured out how to do that without hurting myself further, but that's the plan.

You can do it! Me too! Besides, this time I'm not the bridesmaid, I'll be the bride. Yikes! I better get to work.

geetabean said...

You are brave indeed my dear!! I don't really enjoy the "before" pics, so I only post the after ones! lol If you are every feeling blue about your post baby body take a visit to it is a great love-your-body website and always puts me in a accepting kinda mood. You share the weight gain, stretch marks, never fit into the same pants again journey with millions of other Mamas!!

p.s. you may get back down to your size 8, but you may not be able to fit your old clothes.....pregnancy spreads the ol' hips and shifts may need a whole new wardrobe!! lol

Bri said...

I'm so proud of you my Beck. I was seriously surprised at your weight and your size because the last time I saw you I thought you looked great. I'll be here to cheer you on - I'm looking to get in shape too. I've gained some pounds from emotional eating after all of this move and stuff. You're doing great my friend. What I always love about you is your ability to share openly and honestly about all of your life. That's why people are drawn to you. You're authenitic! Love your blog babe!

Kendra said...

I agree that you are super brave to post all this, and I'm very proud of you. I will be joining you, but let me caution you to go slow. I read somewhere about cutting 250 cal out of your diet and burning 250 cal per day will result in 1 pound per week. Love yOU!!!

Karen said...

You are so brave. I'll do my best to cook up healthy Tue night dinners, we'll make Chantel eat twice as much as us! But seriously you are amazing and I am so proud of you. I just read an article about how it took Debra Messing 3 years to lose the baby weight. I am here to support you and will look to your for inspiration as I try to get healthy again.

Dawn Lindley said...

You are a crazy girl, but in there with you! The thing I'm working on this year is making myself a priority, and scheduling my workouts like I schedule everything else. The other thing that worked wonders for me after I had Avery was Weight Watchers. Don't be afraid of the grey haired's a great program. Looking forward to seeing LESS of you next year :o)!

My name is Ali... said...

You can do it girl...good luck to you!!!