Monday, August 17, 2009


D excited to go to the Aquarium. You can't see but Trevor and I were pretty excited too.....cause we had just found free parking! :)

Checking out the Leafy Sea Dragon.....

and the penguins!

Declan in a clam!

This thing the kids are playing on was like a water-bed, it was supposed to mimic the ocean...or something like that. I don't remember!

We were waiting to watch the "Sea Horse Magic Show" (which was REALLY lame), and they had fun dance music playing. Gemma and Dec got their groove on.....
(Um, we didn't think we'd be in the sun, so we didn't bring Declan's Dodger hat. For some reason we did have his beanie. So when we ended up outside for an extended amount of time.....the beanie went on. He's really stinkin' cute though, huh?!)

They gross me out a little bit, but I LOVE jellyfish pictures!

I wanted a picture of Hopie and me and our cute hairdos, but the sun was having none of it!

Ahh, success! Thanks Grace for the shades!

On our last day of vacation, we attempted to find the beach. However, Hopie got sick and it was decided that the beach was out. We found a super neat park (Dennis the Menace Park) and the kids played until it really was time to go.

Declan really liked this suspension bridge!

Or was it daddy's jumping? :)

First solo ride on a slide...

It looks like he likes it, but he did exactly what I thought he would do: lean back and be un-happy. He also held on to the sides, so it probably didn't feel good on his hands. Sometimes this boy needs to man-up! :)

Entering the "hedge maze".

He found the center! "Yes!"

Gemma came to join in the fun!

Uncle Chris showing us how it's done....until he noticed his child up on the platform with no one to watch her.

Big sun bridge.

This slide was made of individual rollers. It looked like a lot of fun, but when you're actually up there, and you have your little child with you, it's a little scary! You build up speed pretty well when you're an adult! We survived it though, don't you worry! :)

This is how Gemma rolls....

Daddy and D.....he was actually making the sound it looks like he's making!

Hopie's turn!

At the Aquarium Cafe, we bought a bag of strawberries, which came with a side of chocolate for dipping! How nice for D! I just thought these pictures of him eating them were adorable! He took HUGE bites!

Mmmmmm chocolate!

On our way home, we came across the Blue Angles. Well, I guess they came across us! At first the were SO CLOSE to us, which is how we could tell who they were. I'm so bummed I didn't have my camera out in the beginning. So these are the shots I did get of them. Crap were they close to each other!!!



geetabean said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Declan is getting so BIG. I like when you shoudl do it more often! :)

Mel said...

Dec looks SO big! Which I'm thinking is an indicator that it's been too long since I've seen you guys. Let's do something soon!

Glad you had a great vacation! I can't wait to go up north for our honeymoon! I've never been!

katie said...

I love the Aquarium!!!! The otters were always my favorite!

Looks like you guys had fun. Pack me in your bag next time, okay?


Jake said...

vacation09_322.JPG is probably the best photo I've ever seen of you. :P