Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Family Reunion

First things first: there are a BOAT LOAD of pictures in this post. Hence, it's only of the Family Reunion, and not the whole vacation. I don't know why, but I think everyone wants to see every picture I've ever taken and so I post them all. Or, I love my family so much that every second is spent capturing them on "film" and then showing them off is the next step. Whatever the reason, here are 40(!) pictures for you to enjoy. (Hope your scroll button works.) Pictures of San Fran and Monterey will come shortly. And probably in their own posts as well. :)

Dinner on Sat night, mini-reunion

Hope must not have liked the quesadilla Trevor made for her...

The enchiladas Trevor and I made.
(Chicken shreding credit to Claire, THANKS!)
Next year.....we're ordering pizza.

For some reason, Hopie wanted to be in the curtains....

and wearing Declan's bib.

Declan enjoying watermelon and chillaxin'.

And watching Great-Grandpa Sugar kicking mommy's butt at pool.

Jack, tuckered out by all the festivities. :)

Declan and his Great-Uncle Rick, or Grandpa's doppelganger.

At the reunion, being shown off by Grandma and Grandpa.

BALL! :)

D giving Ruby some kisses...

and hugs....

and LOVING it!

Jack hanging out with Great Aunt Kathy
Jack giving cousin Matt some (much too early) baby holding lessons.

Claire showing Matt how it's done.

Declan and daddy playing soccer...

I guess Dec will be goalie?

Or perhaps it will be Gemma.

Ok, so this is funny. Declan was chasing a rubber bouncy ball, and it rolled under the tables. As he was leaning over, as if to crawl under the tables, he decided he would rather balance on his head and clap his hands. It was the funniest thing! I barely caught the clapping on camera. He's done this sort of thing before, but never with the clapping. My son is awesome.

Matt and Uncle Danny thought it would be fun too.

My best shot of the whole Fam:
Grandma and Grandpa Allan
Rick and Kathy Allan
-Claire and Matt
David and Joyce Allan
-Chris and Larissa
*Gemma and Jack
-Danny and Grace
*Hope and Ruby
-Becky and Trevor
Upon our arrival to the park, I was reminded of the fun things there were to do there! A zoo! And Fun Town!
Here's a monkey at the zoo, see how excited he is to be there? :)

Declan and Daddy checking out the Bald Eagle.

You won't believe me, but after I took this next picture, he jumped up and started yelling: "I like to move it, MOVE IT!!" Really, it happened.


Self portrait with Declan.

Taking a break in the aviary. What a handsome man Declan is, and sleepy girl that Ruby.

Cuddling with daddy, what a sweet boy!

Turns out Fun Town was carnie town. And expensive! We decided we would just do the carousel, my bros and our kids. It was just the three of us, but the carnie girl made us spread out, to "balance" the ride. CARNIES!

Yeah, doesn't look like Declan enjoyed it too much. I'm trying to tickle him to get him to smile. Not working.

Great Grandma Spice with Ruby

Gemma and her giraffe chair.

Momma and Jack

This reunion was for my Grandma's side of the family, the Cull Family. But I guess in recent years, some Allans have been coming too. This book is the Allan Family Bible. I didn't pay attention enough to know how old it is, or to know anything about it, but.....it sure does look cool! It's looks like the books JK Rowling writes about, the ones Hermoine reads all the time. It was pretty neat.....looking. Really, I wish I had learned more about it.

Next stop: San Fransisco!

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Anonymous said...

Funny - I was there, and yet missed many of these moments. What a crazy family we have - the adults are always inspired to do what the babies do.... I notice Danny and Matt assumed the position, but apparently were NOT able to clap, as Declan had done.

Love you all! Mom/Grandma