Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Then and Now: Taiko Edition

Just before we left for vacation (as in the hour before we left) we made it to Pearson Park in Anaheim for our 3rd Annual Taiko Drumming Night with the Foxes and Yoichi. This was the second year with the kiddos, and it was even more fun this year as they watched! They enjoyed it so much more. And now on to the "Then and Now":

Taiko Drumming 2008:

Declan and Daddy

Taiko Drumming 2009
Declan and Daddy

11 weeks old

14 1/2 months old

Declan and Colton 2008

Colton 2009

Declan 2009

He got his own seat this year!

And spent some time with Mommy!

I love this tradition of ours, and look forward to it every year! :)


I am also experimenting with this post. I have a lot of past entries that I want to post back when they happened, and I am using this one to see if I can do just that.....I guess we'll find out right................NOW!

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