Friday, December 4, 2009

No Blog November

I'm apparently not as good at this blogging thing as I'd like to be. Someday, there will be technology where I could just think of what I want the blog to say or how it would look, and BAM, it will be there. Unfortunately, I'll probably be long gone before maybe my grandchildren will be better bloggers! :)

I do have SO MUCH stuff to post, pictures mostly, but stories and events too. I never even posted Easter pictures! :( I still plan on posting almost everything that I've been meaning to....oh yes, even Easter. But I'm just not feeling it right now. What my problem is is that I put to much effort into one post, with MILLIONS of pictures.....but that's me. I LOVE pictures, especially ones of my son. So, like I keep promising, I will post soon, a real post, with pics and everything. For now I will do a quick update.

Declan is 18 months, almost 19. At his appointment in Nov. he was 25lbs (50th percentile. FINALLY!), 33.25 inches tall. He can say some words clearly (Mama, Daddy, Papa, shoe) and a lot of words kinda clearly (water, truck, baby, more, bear, Cheerios, potty....and more, I can't think of them right now.) He can sign over 50 words, but probably only knows what half of them are. For example, he knows when he's signing "more" but I'm sure he doesn't know what "imagination" is. :) Sometimes I worry that he knows too much signing and will take awhile to talk, like when I ask him to "say" something, he'll sign it. But then I hear him babbling on in his little Declan-speak and I realize he's ok, he IS talking, so he will talk more....eventually.

My amazingly talented friend Mel took Dec's 18 month pictures! She blogged about the shoot, so you can check them out here. I'll "probably" post more when I get the full set. I can't believe how incredibly good looking Declan is. He's set a pretty high standard for any other kids we may have. Poor future child/children!

Today he bit me for the first time. It wasn't malicious or in anger of any kind, more like an experiment. We were cuddling, and he had his mouth open on my shoulder. All of a sudden I felt this sharp pain and I yelled out. (We were in a restaurant, so that wasn't cool.) I stopped him and took his face firmly in my hand and said "No biting!" very sternly. But then his face was so funny, he kept shifting his eyes back and forth, so I had to turn my head so I wouldn't laugh and give him ANY indication that biting was funny. Oi, I hope this doesn't start any new trend for him. I was told I should bite him back.....but I don't really think that will work for wouldn't work for me.

So that's it for now. Like I always say, stay tuned for more.....but don't hold your breath. I don't want to be responsible for any light-headedness! :)

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geetabean said...

Looking forward to pictures! I want to see some of the things you've sewn!! You'd be surprised at what kids are able to understand....he may very well know what imagination least in a limited capacity! And don't worry about his speech, he'll talk more when he's good and ready.

I did notice though that Maddie took a long time to get talking and I really felt it was because we taught her sign language....she just didn't need to speak. We actually stopped signing around 18 months and she started talking up a storm. With Charlotte we didn't teach her signs at all and she has been a chatter box since about 13 months....maybe it's the sign language.....maybe not.....but most definitely every kid is different!

Okay, onto the biting. Please don't bite him back! Unless it becomes a chronic issue, or he's doing it repeatedly to other kids, just continue to sternly (and without laughing) tell him no. Tell him "That hurts Mama!" I've always been stern with my words and also swiftly removed the girls from my body (lap/arms etc) at the same time to make sure they also have a physical reaction along with my words. The farthest I've had to go was with Charlotte and it was while she was teething was to take her hand and put it in front of her mouth and tell her if she wants to bite, then she can bite herself. She did actually bite her hand and then said owie and moved on. Neither of my girls are biters.....nip it in the bud and make sure that he knows you are serious, but biting back seems extreme!

I'm glad your little man is growing! I have no idea what my girls weigh, but I can tell you they are HEAVY! I would enjoy a baby in the 50th percentile! :) It sounds like you guys are busy and enjoying life which is always nice to read about. Looking forward to your next blog!