Monday, December 14, 2009

Vintage Declan Part 2

Round two: These were taken during Declan's 14th month...

Safety Locks
Dec gets taller by the minute! And smarter too! He has figured out our door handles, and though, of course, I love it when he joins me in the bathroom (snort), we thought it would be better if we could keep him out. As you can see, D was very interested in the process. :)

Don't Turn Around
Grandma was oh-so-generous to buy Declan some new clothes, and as soon as we got home, he couldn't WAIT to see them. I set them on the office chair and continued walking into the kitchen.

I must have been REALLY into the dishes I was washing because I turn around and see this:
It's like he's saying "What did I get?!?"
And then he ran from he scene

Double Fisting

Swimming with Daddy

The matching was not on purpose....I just got lucky! :)
This floatie thing was awesome, but we should have gotten it sooner. We probably only used it 4 times I think, and then we just started carrying D in the pool so he could learn to swim and dunk and such.

Dec LOVES to splash....and here Trev models our opinion on the matter.

Such a sweet moment....I almost didn't catch it!

Big Boy Car Seat

The Evil Vacuum
Declan REALLY does not like the vacuum. In fact he hides from it.

and gives me dirty looks for using it!

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