Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vintage Declan Part 1

So here I am, catching up! I had so many little things to blog about, I thought I would mash it all up into a couple big blogs, rather than a ton of little blogs. All these pictures were taken between 10 and 11 months, which would be March.
Fun with GG Spice

Hamper Time!
Declan loves it when I pull him around in the hamper, or any laundry basket. This time I just let him chill....and he still had a pretty good time! :)

Fun Time with Great Grandpa Sugar

3 Generations

Big Duck Bath
D LOVES bath time! It's so cute to watch his little naked butt run to the bath. When he was littler, we had a blow up duck for him to sit in, something to help him transition from his baby bathtub to the big bath. See, look how happy he is!

Hmmm, yummy washcloth and soap water!

Uh...what's in that soap water??

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