Monday, September 15, 2008

4 months

Declan had his 4 month appt today. We waited 45 minutes past our 4:00 appt time!! I know it's totally "normal" for a Dr. to be running late, you hear about it all the time, but with Kaiser, we've never had that problem. Dec was due to eat at 5, and had totally missed his nap, so the extra wait was not fun. We didn't get out of the appt till 5:30 cause we had many questions to ask, we were meeting with a new pediatrician, and then the nurse took almost 10 minutes after the appt to come in and give him his shots! Poor little guy was so tired and hungry, with the shots, he probably thought we were torturing him! But he actually recovered well from the shots, and I fed him in the car right afterwards. (PS. That was a new experience! I'm just glad I was comfortable enough to breastfeed in the car! It's getting better! Yeah!) It was a good appt though, we really like our new pediatrician, and depending on how the next appt goes, time wise, we'll probably stick with her. I feel like I can talk to this Dr., unlike the last one that didn't make me feel like she was really listening to me. Anyway, good new Dr.!

So what does everyone want to know? How much does Declan weigh?! Well, I'll get to that. :)

So I talked to her about his spit-up. Basically she's not troubled by it at this point. She says we could give him smaller feedings more frequently through-out the day, but then he wouldn't nap well and things are going good right now, I don't want to mess with it! Besides, he's growing and not upset by spitting-up, it's just inconvenient to do so much laundry! :)

And I talked to her about his pooping. Totally normal. Keep giving him gas drops. If he seems more constipated, give him a little apple juice. No need to change my diet.....YEAH!!!!!!!!! I was really worried about that. I have a freezer FULL of stored milk and I DID NOT want to throw it away. I'm so proud of myself for making that much, I would cry if I couldn't use it.

Let's see, anything else? Nope, that's everything! He's perfect still! Catch up with you next time!

HA! Like I would forget to share the good stuff!! So, his head is 17 in....that's the 75th to 90th percentile! "Heed! Pants! Now!" "He's gonna cry himself to sleep tonight on his huge pilla!" :) He is 26in tall....that's the 50th to 75th percentile. Is anyone else noticing a slight shift in proportions? :) And the weight...........................14lbs 8oz!! CHUNK-A-LUNK!!!! But, that's still 50th percentile, so I guess he's not that big. But he's big to me! I just have to get him to sit on his own so I don't have to carry him in that car seat anymore! I'm done with that weight training!

Alright, there is the latest. I don't know why I built up the weight thing, probably cause I was so excited to know that I figured everyone else was. Thank you for humoring me! Until next's another picture of D, in honor of his Great-Grandma Sugar's 84th birthday today!

I love you GG Sugar! Happy Birthday!!

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