Monday, September 15, 2008

And the rest.....

Here's the rest of the most current pictures:

I love these pj's, but he looks like a jailbird!

He sleeps like daddy....

Again, Dad being silly...

Oh, the funny things you can do with burp cloths!

I watched my niece Hope the other day, look how he's almost as big as her! He's 4 months, and she's 14 months, she's so dainty! :)

Do you think she'd notice if I pick her nose?!

And the staring contests begin.

He looks SOOOOOOOOOOO much like his cousin Luke in this picture!

He's not too happy about his "popped" collar.

Being tickled and laughing

Oh so exhausting to be tickled!

There really is a lot more, but those are more for individual blogs. Hope these made you smile! :)

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