Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taiko Drumming

Back on August 1st, we went to see some Taiko Drumming at Pearson Park in Anaheim. Last year, our friends Sean and Chantel Fox had invited us to go see some drumming with them and we LOVED it! So this year when they invited us to go again, we invited Chris and Larissa, and of course Gemma, to join us. Again it was really fun, not as great as last year, but it was a different group who performed and it was a shorter set I guess. Last year though we had a "pre-show" of a kids karate class.......yeah, not that fun. This year there were Hawaiian dancers, drums, and fire dancers!!! Way better! :) If you want to know what Taiko Drumming is, watch this and/or read this. It will make the babies attire make more sense!

Colton let Declan wear his Jinbe.

He wore his Happi Coat

And he let Gemma wear his headband!

Daddy and Dec watch the drumming.

The boys chill.

The Fire Dancer doing his thing....

Oh no, his head's on fire! Well, that explains the look on his face! :)

Gemma getting flirty with the camera.

Colton and Mommy watching the drumming.

Declan being lulled to sleep by the drumming.

Daddy walking his boy back to the stroller.

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chantel said...

i can't believe how much bigger declan is already! amazing! good times....