Monday, September 1, 2008

What's going on with Declan lately?

It's time for another Declan update! He's getting SOOOOO big! He doesn't have a checkup for another couple weeks so we don't know his exact weight, but when we try it ourselves on our scale it seems to be about 13-14 pounds! Chunker! It should be interesting to see what percentile he's in now. He looks really tall to me too. I can't wait for the 15th!

Fun stuff: *He still likes to play "stand-up", his legs are SO STRONG!! Now if only he liked tummy-time too, then his arms would get stronger. Oh well! *He is a full on giggler! The first night he laughed, I wasn't sure I heard him right, but Trevor was tickling him and he just loved it! That has to be one of the best sounds in the world, hearing your child laugh! *He's really figuring out his voice right now, too, and all the different sounds he can make. This last week he's been talking really softly when he's going to sleep or in the swing....anytime he's awake but there's not much going's quite cute. *He's squealing, too, when he's happy. *He LOVES himself. The biggest smiles are saved for his "best friend Declan" which is of course the mirror. *He gives lots of smiles to everyone, he's a really happy baby! Baby Daddy and I are constantly praising God for giving us such a happy baby! *He doesn't cry all that much, mainly when we're feeding him a bottle and we stop to burp him halfway through.....he does NOT like that! And sometimes he doesn't like being put to bed, but for the most part he can be pretty easy to put down for a nap. *Dare I say it.....he still sleeps through the night! His bedtime is about 9, we get him up for a final bottle at 10:30, and put him straight to bed and he sleeps till 7:30 (or later if I have a hard time getting up...) *He has discovered his hands, and really likes to study them a lot. He will grip things placed in his hands, and sometimes even reach for them. He'll put his hands in his mouth a lot, especially if he is gripping something! *Just today, he started gripping his feet!

He really is an easy, happy baby! I'm not exaggerating......mostly! :) He probably cries more than I let on, but he whines more than he cries! Don't get me wrong, there are some bad stuff too.....

Not so fun stuff: *He spits up. A lot. A LOT! I'm serious, if he wasn't growing and was more upset, I would think something is wrong. But he's never upset when he pukes, and he is getting bigger. I guess it could be reflux, or maybe an underdeveloped esophagus, but again, it doesn't bother him. And I can't track easily what I eat because he takes pumped milk so often. He has good days and bad days....hopefully he'll grow out of it! *He seems congested a lot, and he sneezes more than I'd like. I just keep using the bulb syringe and that helps. *He had a horrible cough a month or so ago, it sounded worse than it was, but still no fun. *He hardly poops these days, but I guess that's normal. When he does poop......WATCH OUT! *Sometimes, he is hard to put down.......but that's more because he's so cute we don't want to! :)

We are all doing good. T and I still get tired a lot, but that's pretty standard with parenthood I hear. For those who want to know, my boobs are doing fine at the moment........I'll let you know how it goes when he gets teeth......not looking forward to it. He's this close to being too big for the bassinet, so he'll start sleeping in the pack-n-play soon. I wish we had a crib for him, and his own room.......hopefully soon.

We do love him so much, he fixes everything, you really can't be upset when you're holding him, he's the best thing in the world! I've been asked a lot if I like being a mommy....I like being Declan's mommy. God is good, he gave us the best son ever.......and then he gave us Declan which is the next best thing!

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