Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

How funny is that? This onesie was given to me by a client for the 4th of July.....and it still fits him! How entirely appropriate it was for today: it was the 4th, election day, and it was patriotic! So I had a small photo shoot with D. He's still slightly wobbly while sitting, he could fall back or to the side at any moment, so I was SOOOOO scared he would fall back on the cement! Eek!! He didn't! Yeah! And yes, I voted. For the first time actually. Well, I voted at the primary, too, but this was the first November election, and first presidential. My guy didn't win, but oh well. At least this year it didn't feel like choosing the lesser of the two evils.....ok, I don't really want to get into politics, I'm kind of over it. I'm SOOOOOOOOO glad there won't be anymore prop ads every two seconds! Ok, really, moving on! Enjoy D!


geetabean said...

I like the second to last pic....its like he's saying...whats up, I voted!! lol

Jojo said...


Jake said...

Declan, FTW!

Also, you should look into one of these if you're just going to continue throwing your baby's health to the wind: