Sunday, November 30, 2008

One Shot

Friday we had dinner with my mom's side of the family. My Uncle Dale from Oklahoma was in town, and my Grandma Spice's 88th birthday was the 23rd of Nov., so we was celebrating! My mom made a TASTY dinner and we again had fun watching the little girls hang out and play! So after promising to take many photos with all the cousins around, I only took one picture the entire day! My photog friend Jake helped me (or rather did it for me) edit it to look really cool! After getting some piano lessons from Great Uncle Dale, Hope was showing Gemma how to play.

She's gonna be a great big sister to her little sister! :) Yes, Grace is having a girl!! Yeah!! And in a couple months we'll know what Larissa is having! Can't WAIT!!!

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geetabean said...

Hooray for little girls!! My sister in law is having another little girl March. Declan will have many women to choose from when it comes time to so many girls born in 2008-2009!! lol