Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

A dream was fulfilled this Halloween.....Declan was an octopus! (Yes, Gina you were the winner! And Amanda.....good guess, so close.....maybe next time! :) ) Two years ago I saw the octopus costume on a little girl and I said "That is what my first child will be for their first Halloween!" Thanks to Danica and Trevor, my dream became a reality! Danica found the costume on ebay, and Trevor did the bidding, and won!! I'm soooo excited! Here are a few shots of him, and then one with him and Hope....Gemma was not up for wearing her costume for pictures!

Such a serious octopus!

Declan getting into character....

A happier octopus!

With all eight "legs"

With Hope the Chicken. (Grace made matching costumes for herself and Danny.....I can't wait to see them!!)
Gemma wasn't in the mood to wear her costume so Uncle Danny wore it for her!

On Halloween, we went to the Kidz Fest at our church. There were bounce houses, Carl's Jr., and trunk-or-treating. It was fun and REALLY crowded!! I was really hot so I kept thinking Dec was hot, so the only pictures I got of him there were with his costume half off! We didn't stay long as D was not nearly old enough to enjoy most of it, but it looked like a lot of people were having fun! I'm glad that our church does this event every year, I look forward to bringing D next year when he'll be able to walk and actually collect candy for me......I mean, I really mean me! :) I only took a few pictures that night, so here he is with Grandma and then there's one of his girlfriend, Abigail. Yes, she is in the same costume as Hope!

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