Thursday, October 2, 2008

Adventure Updates

Hey everyone! I know I'm not the best at blogging in a timely manner. (Although, I have to say I've been a lot better these past couple weeks!) Back when I started, I knew that some of you would check my blog and not see anything for a LONG time and would stop checking. Well, check no more! I've added a handy my blog! All you have to do is enter your e-mail address, you'll get an e-mail from FeedBurner to confirm your subscription, and then you'll get an e-mail every time I publish a new post! I got the idea from my friend Kara, and I LOVE when I get an e-mail that she has a new post. (It could be because I love her children and more pictures of them make my day......thanks Kara!) Also, I may be making my blog private in the near future, so if you want to be able to see it, I'll need your e-mail address to do so. And big thanks to Jake for helping me figure out FeedBurner and getting this started!

P.S. What good is a post from me without any pictures of D? Not good. Here's one of him at 8 days old. Another nod to Jake, one of our wonderful photographer friends, who took this picture.

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The Looney Kids said...

Awww, you're so sweet...I am one of those people who check you're blog, so yay! And also...shhh but you're going to have one more Looney kid to look at come the first week of June :)