Sunday, October 12, 2008

Walckerfest 2008

Last weekend, we were invited over to Larissa's family's house to celebrate Oktoberfest. They are from Germany. Hence, they celebrate Oktoberfest. They are the Walcker Family. Hence, Walckerfest. :) It was technically the First Annual Walckerfest, so we look forward to many more years of eating sausage, drinking beer, and hanging out with family! Oh yeah, and dressing up! Check this out....

Gemma wearing a Dirndl

Chris in t-shirt Lederhosen....and a hat...

Trevor in plastic Lederhosen, drinking his favorite: Hofbrau

Um, yes....the ladies wore these.....

And there was this to wear, too. Declan is playing with a German toy rattle!

We got Hope in some head wear, she doesn't seem too excited by either....oh well!

This is the best shot I got of Larissa's mom, Ulrike, in her apron! :)

My cutie!

Declan was given an outfit from the Walcker's when he was born and this was the first time he was big enough to wear it. Good timing! :) It has a horse on it, a tail on the butt, and socks with "tails" as well! The tag says "eieio" and the front of the shirt says "Everywhere a Neigh Neigh". There is also a "Neigh" on his back, his butt, and all over his socks. At dinner with our friends that night, I was holding D and looking at his outfit. I noticed all the "neighs" and said "Man there are a lot of 'neighs' on this thing." And then Chantel pointed out to me, "Becky....'everywhere a neigh neigh.' " What a smart friend! It made my day!


Bobby & Bec said...

I love the picture of you holding Dec while he's laughing. So cute!!

Bri said...

That is so hilarious. How fun! I remember going to Oktoberfest with Jake's family when we were first dating and seriously was shocked at how people get into it.

BTW, Dec is looking so big!

The Looney Kids said...

Yes you Becky! And yep, things he loves...I think it's b/c blogs are mostly about us and the kids...change it up a little :)