Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Unnecessary Onesies

We have a wonderful family! And with them we have gotten wonderful extended family! My sister-in-law Grace's sister April gave us these super cute and funny onesies:

Single and Loving it! (I love his sleepy eyes in this one!)

Adorable little boy seeking precious little girl. Must love naps and have her own stroller. Crawlers welcome.

Mr. Right in Training

Available for Playdates

My favorite.....Ladies Man!

So why are these unnecessary? Well you see, my darling boy already has a girlfriend. :) And a wife if we have something to say about it! Here he is with his beloved, Abigail.

I like how his arm is behind her and his face says "Yeah, that's my woman." And see, she loves him too! :)

One more, because I love his face in this one!

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The Looney Kids said...

so sweet, I love it, we already have Mikayla's spouse picked out too :)