Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch 2008

We went to a pumpkin patch today with our friends from church, Colin & Sandra, Jared, Adrieanna, & Abigail, Paula, and Paul. (I'll have a group picture to post hopefully soon!) We didn't get pumpkins (they're freaking expensive at the patches!) but we had a lot of fun taking pictures, walking through a "corn maze" (more like corn circled paths to a little sunflower garden), picking veggies, and watching pumpkins get launched from a cannon! Check out the fun:

Daddy and Dec walking in the corn maze

Family pictures with corn...

Daddy and Dec....singing?

Dec making a silly face for Jared

Mommies and babies

Look who's sitting up!!!

Dec in a wheelbarrow-o-fun!

Dec in his funny matching hat!

Adrieanna and I thought we could join in the fun. Actually, Adrieanna and my hair apparently! :)

Such a long day! Someone got tired...

And this is the face he's been making lately. I LOVE IT!


My name is Ali... said...

Aw, I love pictures of babies at pumpkin patches! No kidding, the pumpkins are too expensive at the patches, but the pictures are so worth going! Cute, cute, cute!!!

Bri said...

Soooo cute! Such a beautiful famiy! PS - I MISS you too friend!